Still more Islamaphobia!

Okay, I’m willing to entertain the notion that I am obsessed with this topic. However, I seem to be in good company. Jerry Coyne has posted an article on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, his and my favorite Islamaphobe, in which he calls attention to a post by Sam Harris about a conversation between himself and Ayaan regarding her history and the various allegations about her that serve to make her appear to be a nut case. You can read the conversation on Harris’s blog. While it is long, it covers a lot of important stuff. Maybe it is a “lovefest” between two Islamaphobic people, but I think you would have to do a better job explaining that than I’ve heard in the past.

One of the things mentioned in this conversation that I found most interesting was her description of how she ended up at the conservative think tank, American Enterprise Institute. It is often used to justify dismissing Ayaan as a right wing nut or worse. The reality is that all the liberal organizations she reached out to like the Brookings Institute, refused her refuge because they feared recriminations from the Muslim community. And why did they fear these? Because she was critical about Islam. Well, isn’t that convenient? Seems to me that Islamaphobia lurks more in that attitude than in Ayaan.

So, I invite more arguments about why we should dismiss Ayaan and Harris as being too hostile toward Islam as a faith and not as a people. Convince me that I’m phobic.

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