A Better Life

Tracie Harris, who is one of the regular co-hosts of the Atheist Experience TV show, has posted information about a new book and an associated film project that provides a view of atheists that is intended to counter the frequent misrepresentations and prejudicial views regarding the godless. The book has been completed and, as described by Tracie, is a coffee table style book with both text and photos of those interviewed for the project. The film will be based on video taken by the author during the interviews included in the book. The film seems to have a similar view to what we saw in the Hug An Atheist video we have been passing around our group. Tracie notes that the production of the film will depend on gaining adequate funding via kickstarter.

The planned title of the feature length documentary will be A Better Life: An Exploration of Joy & Meaning in a World Without God. I like that title better than Hug An Atheist, but the content of the original film was good. There are some promotional clips on YouTube for this new venture, but they don’t give enough information to determine how similar the two movies might be. You can see the clips at the following locations and find out more about the book and the project as a whole at the other links:

I am hoping that some religious folks will show up for the Secular Cafe tonight and that we might get their opinions on how and whether to show a film about atheists we already have or this new one in development. It would be interesting if we found a community discussion about us going on that isn’t merely how to form an angry mob and chase us out of town (just kidding, I hope).

I’m thinking that GRAF as a group should donate to this project. What do you think?

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  1. Well, hoping that some religious folk would show up to the Cafe and provide us with reasaonable opinions turned out to be a pipedream for now. The angry mob scenario seems a bit more likely after seeing which portion of the religious community is likely to show interest in us. Too bad.

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