Darwin Day Announcement

Good news — the Itasca Community College chapter of the Secular Student Alliance is once again active!  And they want to commemorate Darwin Day (February 12) by showing the film “Inherit the Wind.”  The film is based on a stage play which in turn is based on the Scopes Trial regarding the teaching of evolution in schools.  The names have been changed, but it is pretty easy to discern who each character is meant to represent — Clarence Darrow, William Jennings Bryan, Scopes, and so forth.  The film is well done and is informative and thought provoking as well as entertaining.

Just one wrinkle — they will be showing it at 7:00 PM, and, since the 12th is a Thursday, this conflicts with the GRAF weekly meeting.  But I don’t see this as a problem.  We can just move our location to ICC (room to be announced), and those who wish can retire to a more Dionysian hangout after the film.

I will pass any forthcoming information.

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