Evolution of Weird–Bush Brown Caterpillars

Every now and again, nature runs out of ideas and has to reuse old themes.  This is the reason why long-eared jerboas look and act so much like kangaroos, despite being from entirely different continents.


Why they look so much like Pokémon is really beyond the realm of this post.

Generally this is the result of “convergent evolution,” unrelated animals evolving the same method to deal with the same problems.  Sometimes, however, nature just seems to do it for giggles; case in point, the Chinese Bush Brown caterpillar.


Too squishy to be adorable, too cute to step on.

I suppose this is the part where I’m supposed to fill you in on the life cycle and behavior of this thing, but it’s a caterpillar, just a caterpillar.  It doesn’t even live up to that cat face and eat meat like it’s Hawai’ian relatives I covered a few post ago.  It gets placed on a leaf as an egg, hatches into a bizarre-looking kittypillar (tell me you didn’t see that pun coming), eats and morphs into a butterfly.

Sadly the butterfly is nothing special, it’s colored to look like a dead leaf and has eyespots on its wings, and it didn’t even have the decency to make those spots look like cat-eyes.  No, apart from the weird preference all the young, schoolgirl butterflies have for the older guys–which probably has something to do with good genes that lead to long lives–all the fame goes to the larva form of this particular bug.

Found all over Asia, it should come as no surprise that these Pokémon lookalikes are famous in Japan, where they were once worshipped as minor deities.


Count on Japan to make caterpillars adorable.





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