All Things Happen for a Reason??? No way!

One thing that really raises my blood pressure is when theisst who believe in the traditional model of the 3-0 god assert that all things happen for a reason.  Really?  If such a god exists, this must mean he had a reason for cancer, malaria, and smallpox, along with tsunamis, earthquakes, and other “natural” disasters (are they truly natural if they are part of an omnipotent deity’s plan?).

But some people just don’t seem to get the point in abstract, but need a concrete example. So here’s one: Little Bella Bond, only a toddler, was punched in the abdomen repeatedly by her mother’s boyfriend until she died; her body was then kept refrigerated for a month before the culprit finally disposed of it.  If all things happen for a reason, and if god is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, then he must have had a reason for allowing that to happen.  Why did he not protect this child?  What prevented him, in his supposed might, from sheltering her from these vicious blows?  I have been punched in the abdomen, and it is not a pleasant experience.  Imagine the suffering of this poor, innocent, defenseless child as she was repeatedly pummeled by a grown man.

I defy anyone who believes in good, kind, and also all-knowing and all-powerful god to argue that there was a reason according to which the supposed loving almighty had to allow this to happen to little Bella.

One thought on “All Things Happen for a Reason??? No way!

  1. Could it possibly get any worse? Yes. MSNBC is reporting on the case right now, and according to them, the fiend who murdered little Bella believed she was possessed by demons. So now we have religious superstition entering the equation. But remember, all-powerful god had a reason for allowing a 35 year-old man to believe in demonic possession and to pound the life out of a 2 and one half year old child, idiotically “thinking” he was sparring with evil spirits. God couldn’t have enlightened the imbecile? Make sense, anyone?

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