The Man Behind Trump

As usual, Trump is in the news for incredibly childish antics and unfounded claims. Trump has shown himself, predictably, to be a bumbler and a buffoon. But not everyone in his immediate circle can be described that way.

Trump’s chief adviser is Steve Bannon of Breitbart infamy. And unlike Trump, Bannon does have a worldview, although it is an especially frightening one.

In brief, Bannon’s belief is that “white, Christian civilization” is locked in a death struggle against the brown, black, and other non-white races of the world. Not surprisingly, Russia is seen as an important partner in this fight, because ethnic Russians are white and Russia is heavily Orthodox Christian. This would explain much of the Trump Administration’s positive orientation toward Russia (though of course, there might be a lot more going on).

This viewpoint is irrational and disgusting. Certainly, it would be wrong to make such accusations if there were no supporting evidence. But there is. One pathway into Bannon’s mind is to analyze what he reads and, in this instance, a specific book he has cited on many occasions. I encourage everyone to read this piece at the Huffington Post:

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