Freethought Resources

This page includes links to many of the popular websites and blogs maintained by the freethought community. If you want to explore the diverse freethought world and reading the comments of those prominent in the freethought movement, this will be the spot for you. Check back later for updates.

Links to key freethought sites:

  •  August Berkshire – August is one of the most active and prominent members of the freethought community in Minnesota. He is a former president of the Minnesota Atheists. He is an ardent spokesman for freethought, a frequently sought speaker and a strong supporter of the Secular Student Alliance. His website features dozens and dozens of links to other resources including the most complete list of debates between theists and atheists anywhere on the Internet.
  • Richard Dawkins – The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science provides links to current news items, informative videos and updates on Dawkins’ presentations, activities and plans.
  • Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) – The largest atheist organization in the country with more than 20,000 members. They are at the forefront of the battles over the separation of church and state, providing legal support and information. They conduct billboard campaigns around the country and one of the primary supports behind the Clergy Project (an online support community for preachers who have lost their faith and are seeking an exit route out of the church).

  • Freethought Blogs – The premier blog location for freethought bloggers like PZ Myers, Greta Christina, Ed Brayton, Maryam Namazie, Richard Carrier, Aron Ra, Christina Rad and The Atheist Experience TV show gang. You may find that you don’t ever want to go anywhere else as you explore the 38 different blogs (and growing) to be found here.
  • Why Evolution is True – This is the blog for Jerry Coyne, an evolutionary biologist, but he doesn’t limit himself to biology stuff. He is an active thinker in the freethought community and frequently has detailed discussions about issues relating to the battles with theists and accommodationists on a variety of topics. The incompatability of science and religion is a frequent topic. He is obsessed with cats (see also Greta Christina, but not PZ Myers he prefers squid) and the creatures who inhabit the campus of the University of Chicago. He loves chinese food, but will eagerly explore any authentic local cuisine when he is traveling. He appears to have a fascination with taking pictures of stuff he is about to eat — some of it actually looks edible. And then there are also the cowboy boots…
  • The Atheist Experience – The Atheist Community of Austin Texas sponsors a weekly call-in TV show on the public access channel in Austin. The show is streamed live from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM central time on Sundays. The most recent show can also be viewed on this web site about a day or two after it is recorded. The archived shows stretch back several years. Matt Dillahunty is the primary host and is famous for his ability to debate virtually any position taken by the theists who often call in to challenge him. Other hosts and co-hosts are capable of holding their own too.
  • The Thinking Atheist – This is a weekly podcast produced by Seth Andrews. The podcasts are a combination of interviews with prominent voices in the freethought community and call-in questions and comments from listeners to the live stream. An archive of older shows is available. You can become addicted to this show because of the quality of the guests, Seth’s interviewing skills and hearing what others are thinking.
  • American Atheists – This group has been around for a long time and was founded originally by Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Madalyn had a controversial role in the freethought community, but the organization she founded has become part of the mainstream for atheists these days. I has the resources now to launch the first atheists TV network starting July 29, 2014. It can be streamed live from their website and will also be available on TV for those who have a Roku box for access to various streaming programs (ex. Netflix, Hulu, etc.). It will run 24/7, so it will be interesting to see what the quality is with that kind of heavy duty schedule.
  • Iron Chariots Wiki – This site is maintained by the Atheist Community of Austin group and consists of information sections on arguments for the existence of God, arguments against the existence of God, common objections to atheism and counter arguments in support of atheism and, finally, descriptions of various versions of atheism. It is a good place to go if you are looking for ammunition in a argument with a person of faith, someone trying to “pressure” you into sticking with or returning to religion or getting ready for a bar fight…wait, that last one is just a joke…I think.
  • Skeptic Ink – This is another site providing access to a collection of blogs similar to Freethought Blogs listed above. The blogs are organized by broad topics like history, philosophy, science, etc. Delving into this site you could easily find the rest of your time completely occupied and you are no longer able to leave your house. Be careful. Too much fun and thinking can be ruinous to what…not having enough fun and thinking too little? I will have to think about this. That should be fun.
  • Bill’s Corner – This link is to Bill van Druten’s blog. Bill is the founder of Lake Superior Freethinkers in Duluth and led the fight to remove a 10 Commandmants monument from city property some years ago. He also participated in a protest by physicians over the gradual acquisition of health facilities in Duluth by the Catholic Church, quitting his position when asked to sign a pledge that he would abide by the dictates of the bishops regarding health care. He has become a more frequent blogger recently and enjoys taking a humerous and irreverant look at…well…just about everything.
  • Secular Student Alliance (SSA) – The SSA helps high school and college students organize secular student groups at their schools. The total number of groups with a formal relationship to the SSA has grown rapidly in the past couple of years. They provide a wide array of support services from how to get started to funding speakers for on campus visits. They also provide materials and suggestions on how to deal with any challenges that might be posed by school administrators who may seek to block a secular group from forming on campus even when there are religious groups that operate freely. If you are a student or someone who knows a student who would like to get involved in secular activities, this is a great place to start.
  • Secular Woman – A directory of groups by state for secular women with access to resources, articles and other information to support women in the secular movement. This is a relatively new site and is actively seeking input from women who are part of secular groups around the country and perhaps the world.
  • Patheos – This is a collection of blogs that covers the gamut from atheism through most versions of major religions. It includes the blog of “The Friendly Atheist” by Hemant Mehta. Reading all of them blogs would be impossible, but it is an interesting place for moving back and forth between statements from the faithful and those from the heathens.

Other sites of interest

  • A Year Without God – This started out as just a post about an evangelical/pentecostal preacher who had decided to spend a year avoiding most involvement with religion and instead hanging out with atheists. Since his journey is now more than a month old, finding the link to his site from the original post is difficult. So, I’ve put it on this page so we can continue to check in periodically to see what is happening.

Science and skepticism sites – sharpen your critical thinking abilities

  • Skepticism 101 – A site for teachers, educators, students and anyone who wants to sharpen their critical thinking skills. Links to dozens of resources sponsored by the Skeptics Society.
  • What’s The Harm? – A site looking at all sorts of scams, pseudoscience, fundamentalism and more with the question “What’s the harm?” if anyone believes this stuff. The answers center on the the real and significant harm (for example DEATH!) that is associated with the unquestionning acceptance of crap.

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